About 95% of the images (perceptions) and information come from my own direct experience. While I originally gathered much of the information from sources of the Ageless Wisdom, I only utilize and communicate what I have confirmed with direct perception and experience. This experience is a result of extensive awakening of sensory faculties that are extended far beyond the normal five physical senses. This awakening has been facilitated by intensive practice of various powerful meditation techniques. In addition, my perceptions and understanding of the human energy system has been deepened and clarified through working for over three decades as an esoteric healer using many modalities.

I am indebted to the Ageless Wisdom Teachings for inspiring me to go deeper with my explorations and for helping me to understand and give names to my perceptions. I am also indebted to all the teachers that I have studied with, in the physical world and the higher worlds, for the same.

One of my primary motives has always been to Truly Know, to transmute knowledge into wisdom through experience, to peel away the veils that mask and hide reality, to penetrate into the hidden side of things, to enter into the clear light of truth.

I am convinced that anybody can awaken their sensory faculties to perceive what I perceive (and more) if they apply themselves diligently enough with the right meditation practices.

It is important to realize that all knowledge is inherently limited and filled with half-truths – the very act of wording concepts or experiences causes a distortion and only points in the direction of real experience. Nothing should be believed for any reason other than direct experience. Even with direct experience, beliefs should be held lightly and flexibly, and allowed to evolve and expand. Everything should be considered possible at all times, while also being practical and agreeing with one’s best sense of things at the moment. There is no absolute truth, no only way. The age of religious zealous blind belief and blind faith is over. All fixed views must be abandoned, opening the way for ever-new enlightened awareness.

It is important to accumulate knowledge so as to have a framework to absorb experience. Knowledge is like a chalice, experience is the filling of the chalice, service is the overflowing of the chalice which assists the inflow of more experience. Knowledge (study), experience (meditation), sharing what is received (service) are the interdependent trinity of human evolution. I have been in a long cycle of receiving and now I am “bursting at the seams” and am required to share the fruits and gifts that I have received. May those who can appreciate and benefit from this work, receive it.