Know Thyself. 

Knowledge is power. Self-knowledge is Self-Empowerment. You have Infinite Potential.

Where do you begin to learn the details of this? Here!

You cannot do and be you highest potential without recognizing it. Know Thyself. Discover…

Your life experience is more than it appears. You are NOT just a physical biological body – as is the common theory from biology, medicine, and most science and culture. Quantum Physics has proven for many decades that:

  • You are energy.
  • The mind is not the body nor the brain.
  • Consciousness exists independent of the brain.

It’s time to Wake Up.

Your Physical body, life, and actions are backed by your Energy. Your Energy is backed by your Emotions. Your Emotions are backed by your Thoughts. Your Thoughts are backed by your Identity Thoughts (I am this. I am that.  Etc.). Your Identities are backed by the Life and Consciousness of your Higher Self, Soul, and Spirit. You are a Spiritual Being having an experience of Identity, Thoughts, Emotions, Energy, and Physicality.

If you include The Rest Of You, as reality, beyond the Physical, then your Infinite Potential is available to you – and you become Unlimited.

Hidden answers are revealed. Hidden power and abilities are accessible. Hidden happiness, joy, bliss, and peace is present. Hidden goodness, well-being, fulfillment, and divine and soul purpose is real.

Your destiny awaits.

You are more than the physical body that you sense. Your mind, emotions, and soul have their own bodies. These bodies are distinct from yet connected to your physical body. You have many bodies. Highly sensitive people have always been able to perceive one or more of these nonphysical bodies. Recent advances in science and technology are verifying their existence. Our day to day experience confirms their reality.

Where This Information Comes From

About 95% of the images (perceptions) and information come from my own direct experience. While I originally gathered much of the information from sources of the Ageless Wisdom, I only utilize and communicate what I have confirmed with direct perception and...

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Additional Info

Much misunderstanding exists today as to the nature of spatial dimensions. The following is intended to resolve some of these issues. Although our consciousness is primarily limited to 3 spatial dimensions, we actually exist in a universe composed of many more spatial...

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