There is no limit to the range of Steven Lumiere’s abilities worldwide. He has just as effectively helped people on the other side of the planet, as if they were in the same room with him, by extending his consciousness to them and using his higher-vision and healing abilities over the distance. He works with 90% of his clients worldwide, over the phone. Countries he has served so far include: all across America, all across Canada, Australia, all across Europe, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Austria, France, Denmark, Africa, England, and others.

Steven Lumiere’s skill at using Higher Vision to identify the causes of illness and psychological issues as energy, clear those causes as energy, and invoke Divine Grace to empower the innate perfect health and consciousness in each individual, allows him to rapidly remedy a wide range of problems, usually in minutes in one session.

Please note: Steven Lumiere does not and has never healed anything. (He is not a medical doctor and does not practice medicine.) It is his unique ability to see all as energy and to identify the causes of dis-eases and psychological issues as energy patterns and to invoke healing Divine Grace from the most powerful Source (that continually creates and sustains the Universe) to heal those patterns, that makes his work so effective. The Divine Grace of Source/God is the healer and does the healing with Steven’s work. When the most powerful Source of healing energy is properly invoked, healing can be immediate.

Steven Lumiere does not recommend discontinuing medical doctor, psychiatric, or psychological or any other professional services nor medication while working with him. Multiple opinions and perspectives, and services are usually useful.

Some conditions may take two or more sessions if extremely severe or extremely deep rooted. Some of the conditions that people have reported immediate “spontaneous remission” and rapid relief from with Steven’s assistance are the following:
Severe Chronic Pain,
Wide Varieties of Pain in All Places in the Body,
Wider Varieties of Psychological Issues,
Breast Tumors
Varieties of Tumors
Varieties of Cancers
Uterine Fibroids
Depression, Acute and Chronic
Fears, Phobia’s, and Anxiety Disorders
Yeast Infections
Bladder Infections
Varieties of Infections
High Blood Pressure
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Hot Flashes
Constipation, Acute and Chronic
Joint Pain and Problems
Suicidal Tendencies
Sexual Issues (Psychological) of All Kinds
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Prostate Problems
Sexual Functioning Problems (Bodily)
Fertility Problems
Digestion Problems
Psychic Intrusions and Interferences
Life and Goal Obstacles
Kundalini Problems
Spiritual Blocks and Obstacles
and Many Others …

He encounters and remedies different and unusual conditions on a regular basis. Testimonials are available upon request or are shown below.

*”I had a debilitating psoas muscle problem for 15 years that would at times spasm and put me in bed for a week, unable to walk. I went to several doctors, physical therapists, and healers, most of whom could alleviate the problem but never completely get rid of it. I finally found Steven and in one session the problem was virtually eliminated. During the session I sat in my backyard on the phone with him and suddenly I felt my back strengthen and straighten, and I got what I now call the ‘involuntary smile’ on my face and the pain in my psoas faded away. It was like taking a ‘happy pill’! This type of healing is real, powerful, and permanent. Since then I’ve been recommending Steven to anyone I come across who is suffering and are open to real forms of truly deep healing.”R.C., Animation Artist, California

*”I’ve engaged the services of many self-proclaimed energy healers across extended periods of time over the past few years. They were neither able to see the root causes clearly nor bring complete healing. Their services only provided a temporary relief from the problems at best. Over a period of 3 hours you did what others could not and have not done in many sessions spanning weeks and months! My relationship with my wife deepened with 1 session and an easily several hour a day 15 year porn habit went away completely after 2 sessions. In 3 sessions ,nervous system damage that was causing major kidney and adrenal problems was healed completely. Your ability to rapidly manifest healing on all levels is profound! Your highest price is a bargain for what you offer! I now constantly recommend you to those whom I know are open to REAL healing.” A.P., Engineer, Virginia

*”In 2007, I found a small lump in my breast. After an ultrasound, biopsy and MRI, I was diagnosed with stage-two breast cancer. My doctors said I needed ‘aggressive treatment’ and recommended an immediate mastectomy—they even scheduled my surgery! I canceled the appointment and scheduled a session with Steven. After two sessions, the lump in my breast completely disappeared. When I had a second MRI a few months later, the cancer was no longer present. I had a third MRI six months after that which was also negative for cancer.” D.A. Author, Arizona

*”I had lived with challenging symptoms for large uterine fibroids.  Contrary to them dissolving with menopause, I learned that the wait and see strategy shifted to a recommendation for surgery. I had a strong desire to avoid  surgery and worked with an accupuncturist and  healer to improve my nutrition and deal with emotional issues. Still, the fibroids stubbornly persisted. Thankfully, I learned about Steve Lumiere’s work and within 2 sessions the fibroids were reduced to the point I could no longer feel them.  I literally felt a big change within the first session.  I am extremely grateful for Steve’s help with this miracle.” A.K., Fitness/Health Coach, Florida

*”In February of 2010 I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  One year later with Steven’s guidance and healing abilities my biopsy and MRI scan were clear of cancer.   This is incredible!
I feel extremely blessed to have Steven Lumiere in my life.  He has special gifts of healing and extremely clear vision, which enables him to assess the situation and work with his patient to completely heal.
I would highly recommend, and have recommended friends to seek Steven’s wisdom, gifts and guidance.
His kindness, compassion and willingness to support and guide us through healing definitely makes this world a better place.  He is an extremely rare human being and I am profoundly appreciative to have found him in my life to continue to guide me in a life that is thriving and healthy. I hope God will continue to bless Steven for all his good work in helping and supporting all of us with his presence, gifts and wisdom.” T.C., Teacher, California

*”Dear Steven,
I want to follow up with the results of my doctors appointment.
We spoke for the first time 2 weeks ago after M[.] had shared with you that he was concerned with my health. I had let him know that the fibroid in my lower abdomen had returned and was causing distention, bloating and pain. When you and I spoke, I had been resting for several hours due to the pain. You and I spoke and identified the location and estimated size of the fibroid. By palpitation, it seemed to be the size of a fist. As we spoke and I followed your guiding the pain began to diminish and the pressure subsided. By the end of our conversation I felt complete relief. I visited my physician 2 days later and she confirmed that the fibroid was gone and there was not even a sign of the tenderness. I am both grateful to you and relieved with this precious outcome. Thank you, Steven for intervening on my behalf and being so instrumental in the repair of my vessel.”J.M., School Teacher, Arizona

*”I had beginning breast cancer . . .. I called Steven and had some healing sessions with him on the telephone. I was surprised that every time I really felt better. The cancer vanished within a few months. I didn’t even go back to the doctor because I felt that it was all right. This was about 3 years ago, and it still feels all right.” V.R., Mother, Switzerland

*”Steven has removed all pain from a serious migraine headache I had and eliminated it completely within 7 minutes. He also cleared my mindset from unsavory communications and images that were bothering me and his voice appeared loud and clear in a dream that never came back to bother me again.”S.D., Yoga Teacher, California

*”I am truly grateful for Steven’s integrity, in depth knowledge and sincere compassion. Having eight years of intense episodes with night sweats and hot flashes I was immediately relieved of these sensations. It has been two weeks of pure peace while resting. And since feelings of serenity and spirit coming into my days now with this shift. The physical, mental, medical, homeopathy, herbal, chiro. and numerous alternative healing paths I have taken would have made Steven a rich man. Honestly he is rich in his articulate ability to have discovered this was not hormonal. Blessed be.” G.M., Massage Therapist, California

*”…having been diagnosed with the most severe case of Endometriosis, the constant pain and pressure has dramatically, miraculously improved. Steven is truly a rare and gifted healer.” R.W., Artist, California

*”I was amazed to discover that my chronic migraine vanished after only 10 minutes of working with Steven on the telephone.” M.C., Housewife, New York

*”How Steven caused my painful infected toe to heal in minutes during a long distant session, is beyond me. The overall improvement in my health I feel is more than I could have imagined.” D.S., Massage Therapist, California

*”I am finally pain free after years of suffering since I had my gall bladder removed.” K.S., Opera Singer, California

*”…immediate relief from an old injury to my hip from a car accident. The distance between us, over the phone, was no barrier for his healing abilities.” H.M, Chef, New Jersey

*”…my sight is much improved now and my energy levels are wonderful.” L.A., Artist, California

*”… my uncle’s throat cancer is now in remission …” C.H., Broker, California

*”I have suffered with severe pain for several years. My pain levels on a scale from 0-10 were a constant 10 +. I also have diabeteshigh blood pressureneuropathy, and kidneys are beginning to fail. Steven has changed my life, more than I could ever begin to tell. Each session that I have had with Steven, there is a marked improvement in my various ailments. My sugar readings are now in control, my blood pressure is within an acceptable range, my kidneys continue to improve, and the pain continues to diminish with regular periods of no pain at all. My quality of life is the best it had been in years. My mental, physical and spiritual self is in a state of tranquility. Steven is truly a blessing!” C.E., retired, California

*”When I discovered a lump in my breast, I made two appointments: one with my doctor , and the other with Steven. It so happened that I ended up seeing Steven first and we worked on the lump together and by the time we finished, the lump was gone. Two days later, my doctor confirmed that she couldn’t find the lump; however, she found two more in the other breast. So at my next appointment with Steven, we got rid of the other two lumps. Three weeks later, my doctor confirmed they were gone. When Steven worked on me, I could feel the healing energy. It was very hot. In fact, whenever Steven heals me, I feel it so I know from my own direct experience that he has special healing abilities. In fact, he has healed me over the phone on more than one occasion. …I’ve been seeing Steven on a regular basis for well over a year, and have healed from many childhood traumas, as well as physical ailments. I recommend Steven without qualification.” K.C., Directors Assistant, California

*”In June of 2002 I moved myself and my 18 yr. old daughter out of an apartment and back into my home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. . . . The fifth day I noticed my left knee feeling quite sore and starting to become filled with fluid. This was a new experience for me. I am quite overweight and do not regularly exercise, so my knees definitely performed a lot of weight support beyond their capacity. I realized then that the cost of my health was not measurable to the savings from the move itself.

*”For weeks I lived with ice, knee braces and pain. I could not bend the knee at all due to the swelling. I could not sleep due to the pain. I often lost my balance when I tried to lift my leg for all the normal reasons and found it would not respond. Every minute of the day and most of the night I was aware of my knee and the limitations this injury was causing me.

*”I began working with Steven remotely on a once a week basis. Steven worked on my state of grace, my emotional balance and especially my knee. Each session I significantly improved. During the first session the pain left and over the next few weeks the swelling decreased.

*”Each week I noticed my quality of life improved in my walking, sleeping and daily navigation through life. The healings lasted about two months and during that time, I recovered my health back in my knee and my life.

*”Today I do not consciously think of my knee at all as I go about my day. I sleep without any pain or discomfort and I have my structural balance back to climb the steps and walk with ease. My chiropractor is amazed at the progress of healing and the short amount of time it took. I am just so grateful to have Steven and his healing gifts as part of my personal process of overall balance and health.” C.B, Human Resources, California

*”The work I have done with Steven has transformed my life completely. Difficulties and illusions I have struggled with for a long time have simply dropped away. It’s much easier to be self-disciplined and to do what I truly want. It has been a great process of opening and attunement to the spiritual and eternal aspects of life.” J.T., Theater Actress, Student, Berlin, Germany

*”Due to my work with Steven, I have a brand new way of looking at life. I see life through different eyes. My being is lighter and I have a greater sense of my Self and why I am on Earth.” S.S., Childcare Assistant, Hawaii

*”This work is on the crest of the wave. He brings forth new, revolutionary, and state of the art healing technology.” R.G., Ph.D. Psychologist, California

*”Steven is one of those rare human beings who is able to address any concern with boundless compassion, detailed wisdom, and refined skill. His holistic services are unique, comprehensive, and exceptionally effective. I highly recommend treating yourself to his work.” C.L., Ph.D. Prenatal Counselor, California

*”I’m a skeptical hard nosed New Yorker. But Steven’s work grabbed my attention and changed my life. He has created some of the most powerful revolutionary yet graceful transformation tools and meditations available anywhere ever. To me his work represents a new paradigm for change. Steven himself is the most spiritually evolved person I know. His rare gifts combined with the purity and integrity of his character continue to floor and delight me.” M.S., Psychotherapist, New York

*”Steven offers the most incredible services that I have ever experienced. I am increasingly filled with Spirit and ever expanding consciousness of Universal Truth.” L.S., Artist-Painter, California

*”Transforms, clears, transcends . . . takes you to the next level.” C.D., Musician, California

*”Effervescent-Uplifting-Expansive. Filled with Joy and Love.” A.H., Healer, California

*”In the past few months, those close to me have noticed some changes. I have stopped hiding and I no longer pretend I am not confident, creative, and powerful. I am experiencing myself in a new way.” K.L., Writer-Video Producer, California

*”What makes Steven different from other healers is that he works the wide spectrum of healing from removing blocks to amplified unfoldment of self. His healing is objective, systematic, focused, integrated, highly affective, and result oriented. His healing is extremely expedient. My progress has been impeded for such a long time that it was hard for me to realize how quickly and completely my life started to change after his healing. He brought forward clarity and purpose where confusion and hopelessness dwelt before. I truly appreciate his honesty and sincerity and his desire to make a difference.” I.H., Public Relations Manager, New York

*”I think that Steven is a great master and his healings purify my electrical body like no one else is able to do.” K.H., Entertainer, Healer, Multimedia Artist, Public Speaker, California

*”Working with Steven’s divine energy has allowed me to raise up my energy a few octaves and come out of the every day noise and chaos and actually live heaven while I’m working things out here on earth.” C.A.B., Recruiter, California

*”I met Steven fifteen months ago. At that point I was confused and afraid about the direction my life was taking. I unsuccessfully tried many paths but I always wound up back where I started in an emotionally distressed condition. Steven helped me to give up the illusions and self-defeating beliefs that I held. He taught me to love myself and give to the world selflessly. To me he was an image of hope, who was ceaselessly devoted to the cause of unlocking my potential and helping me find my true will. He guided me towards realizations of myself and the universe through a series of active meditations and advice. Patiently answering all of my questions and pushing me to trust myself, my quest for the truth has been fulfilled. Presently, thanks to Steven, I live life feeling confident, aware, and ecstatic awaiting my future with ease.” E.R., Student, New Jersey

* Results may vary from person to person and cannot be guaranteed.