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Energy Reality Services

with Steven Lumiere


Work with a true master, in the art of energy healing – for over 40 years!


Sessions are over the Phone, or Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom. Sessions are also available by email if I have a photo of the person receiving the healing. I specialize in energy healing over any distance, world-wide.

If you want to enroll in an Online Energy Healing By Email, then go HERE.

If you want to enroll in an Online Group Healing Event, then go HERE

I offer personalized Energy Healing & Consulting Session services per hour on a sliding scale according to your income/assets or what seems right to you. I understand everyone’s situation is unique and thus the sliding scale is just a guideline, and you can choose whichever level seems right to you for the exchange. 

LEVEL ONE: $144 per hour for low income/assets or just seems right.

LEVEL TWO: $222 per hour for medium income/assets or just seems right. 

LEVEL THREE: $444 per hour for medium-high income/assets or just seems right. 

LEVEL FOUR: $777 per hour for high income/assets or just seems right. 

LEVEL VIP: $999 per hour for select VIP Clients that require extra attention and energy

If you want to give an exchange amount that is between or higher than the above rates, then you can choose to add a tip during booking checkout. 

Sessions are usually an hour. For the first session, there is no additional charge for overtime. Follow-up sessions that have overtime are charged at the suggested rate that you choose. You can always change your rate, if that is right for you. 

Book a session with the following scheduler.

To make it easier for future scheduling, after securing your first session, you can register for an account to save your information. 

If you have registered, then as a returning client please log in using the link below: