The 14th Online Global Distant Energy Healing on March 28st, 2020 was a Super Success!! Join us for the next one soon! Join the next one by clicking HERE.

19 people were able to participate in and complete the approximately one hour online process. See the picture of Survey Results below.

100% completing participants reported immediate benefit.

Participants rated their issue on a scale of 0 = Resolved, 5 = Moderate, 10 = Severe.

3 people reported their issue at 0 (Resolved) at the end. 

Using the data from the entire completing group, there was an average 60% reduction of the issues during the 1 hour group healing:


Here are more details on results for the 19 people that completed the online process.  100% of completing participants reported benefit. Some reported profound transformation. Some issues were hard for people to quantify in a number system like this but in the comments usually said there was a big difference. Again there was an average 60% reduction of issues for participants who completed the online process. And again, 3 people reported their issue at 0 (Resolved) at the end.

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Things people worked on included (edited to preserve privacy and published with permission): 

  • Depression
  • Cough
  • Anger
  • Perceived separation from my Divinity and Divine Source
  • To feel motivated, energized and vibrant again through diet & exercise
  • Unifying will (consciousness and subconsciousness)  from Superconsciousness
  • Feeling that I have done something wrong/bad.
  • Putting others first consistently, over giving and draining my own resources of time, money and conscious energy
  • To balance the gut biome and release identities and beliefs that no longer serve me positively
  • Open heart to love and body healing
  • Effects of alcoholism on my life and spouse’s life before and after meeting me
  • Severe Hormonal Unbalance
  • My mom’s loneliness, … The fear of virus, physically, mentally, financially.
  • Not being able and willing to receive love nor feel it
  • Pain in right side  upper jaw
  • Full and complete connection to Divinity inside outside all permeating everywhere allways now and forever
  • Dehydration
  • Stomach discomfort,  Rebellious daughter,  peace no argument
  • Difficulty focusing, planning, & making good decisions

Not everything can be healed in a group context. But a lot can. Or at least improved during each event. (Your body and mind do the healing, while I provide the energy.)

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Some of the comments from participants at the end were (edited to preserve privacy and published with permission):

“Feeling wonderful ~ Fully restored”
“Dear Steven, Your work is beyond words and so healing. I am deeply grateful for your work and time you dedicate to help others to heal. You have helped me to lift a heavy burden from my shoulders and I felt like a stone has fallen off. I feel more relieved now. Deep grace from Divine Spirit.”
“Thank you. Many pieces have come together to help me remember Who I AM.”
“Deep, deep relaxation, like in a trance, now I go to bed to integrate the healing”
“Thank you so very much! Feeling so much better and the whole process was very beneficial. Found it to be more beneficial than I did the first time last weekend. My guess is the familiarity with it. Thank you so much sir!”
“Thank you. Major shifts and Peace”
“I feel relax and more at ease, less tense”
“Thank you Steven.  Some good insights into identity releasing this time.  : ) ”
“My energy was low coming in, just part of where my healing process is. I’m not so sure what my goal was today haha, but I got SO many really helpful and deep insights about why I haven’t felt great the past couple weeks. So the numbers don’t reflect it (cuz it’s hard to say sometimes), and I don’t even know what I was measuring lol but I got SO much out of this session! Really grateful! It was wonderful!”
“Feel a bit better, thanks.”
“Thank you, I felt reconnected to essence and inner light in deeper way. Not sure how much change has /will occur in practical ways — need time to integrate and assess. ”
“Better.. got some insights into letting go of karmic hatred that was coming through my father. His karma, not ours..  Also, letting go effects of growing up in alcoholism.  Thank you Steven!!  I always appreciate your gifts and how much you helped me over the years.”
“Physically, I feel no different, but mentally and emotionally, I feel that a healing has taken place for me.”
“Thank you Steven. I will hold this healing with me, and hope it will offer some freedom for me. ”
“I feel more connected to Divinity. I feel elevated, expanded, unbounded, happy, bright, light and no head physicality, That is no boundary between my head and expanded divine presence.”
“I hope it will disappear soon. I’ll do this exercise by myself. forgiveness and asking for issue and feeling happy and healthy.  Thank You. Stay healthy yourself.”
“I love this process with the Forgiveness Prayer. I realize that any illness or affliction is just a sign of imbalance in the physiology. And when  old patterns or concepts or memories are resolved, it restores balance in our bodies, minds and souls. Thank you so much for this precious healing technique. I recite the prayer almost every day as I walk through life.”
“I feel great.  My heart is beating fast in an expanded way.  Thx you!”


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