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Welcome to my world of Spiritual Healing. When the underlying reality that “All is Energy” is worked with directly in full awareness, then healing of mind and body can be quick, easy, graceful, and profound.

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The power is within you to cause profound positive change in your life. All it takes is right knowledge and just doing it….

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– For accelerating personal growth, awakening to higher levels, mastering life.

Meditation is the training of attention so as to cause specific highly beneficial effects in oneself and one’s life. Proper meditation leads to personal liberation from suffering, mastery of life and circumstances, superconsciousness, the awakening of higher abilities of consciousness, and direct access to unlimited happiness within.

Individualized Meditation Instruction
Learn to meditate in the way that is uniquely right for you. No one technique will work for everybody. When you have the right meditation practice that suites your individual nature and current range of consciousness then meditation is relatively easy, effective and highly rewarding. Read more…

Master Healer Steven Lumiere

Master Healer Steven Lumiere

Teacher & Author

Steven Lumiere is a Master Energetic Spiritual Healer. He has been in practice for 34 years, bringing energetic healing to people world-wide long before it was popular.

He has a profound ability to identify the hidden causes of conditions. He is then able to determine the most effective means of resolution and to provide access to the most powerful sources of divine healing. Steven Lumiere’s skill at using Higher Vision to identify the causes of illness and psychological issues as energy, allows him to rapidly remedy a wide range of problems, usually in minutes in one or two sessions. He is able to clear those causes as energy, and invoke Divine Grace to empower the innate perfect health and consciousness in each individual.

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My work with Steven was life changing—on both the physical and emotional level. His healing abilities are amazing and our work together helped me to become a more loving and compassionate person. He also helped me to navigate difficult relationship and work issues. His guided meditations are especially powerful; I always go into a very deep state while meditating with him.

Colleen Mauro

Author, Spiritual Telepathy

I am continually amazed by Steven’s ability to openly engage and offer support in every aspects of my life and practice. My work with him has been of great help with my physical health, meditation practice and psychological and energetic obstacles. Simply being in his presence allowed me to access much deeper levels of consciousness and energy, which are naturally healing and liberating. And his clear and direct advice, direct energetic support and guided meditations seemed always effective and appropriate and were offered with unmistakable grace and kindness. For anyone looking for healing, advice or inspiration, I believe working with Steven would be very beneficial.

Dmitriy Yepishin

President and Teacher, Middle Way LA

Working with Steven is one of the most powerful gifts you can give yourself.  Yes, I am well aware that he works with folks in critical need all over the planet on an almost daily basis – and, if you are able, I invite you to use his genius, his talents, and his energy to up-level your game of every-day living.  My personal experience of his ability to sublimely identify very nuanced energetics within any given system and facilitate clearing and also maturation from the inside-out is masterful.  His ability to listen deeply is unparalleled.  His adroit use of seeing in the Unseen, his acumen of working in multiple realms is transcendent.  Steven’s understanding of bio-mechanics, spiritual laws, and engaging unbounded by the time/space continuum are unique and exquisite in a particular field of healing that can be so delicate and subtle.  His personal commitment to his work is mind-blowing.  And! He can do all of this without you ever needing to leave your home.

Rev. Kate Rodger, PhD(c)

Founder and Director, Institute of Modern Wisdom

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