The 11th Online Global Distant Energy Healing on Jan. 25th 2020 was a Super Success!! Join us for the next one soon! Join the next one by clicking HERE.

27 people were able to participate in and complete the approximately one hour online process. See the picture of Survey Results below.

25 of these 27 completing participants reported benefit.

Participants rated their issue on a scale of 0 = Resolved, 5 = Moderate, 10 = Severe.

3 people reported their issue at 0 (Resolved) at the end. 

There was an overall 44% reduction of the issues during the 1 hour group healing:


Here are more details on results for the 27 people that completed the online process.  93% of participants reported benefit. Some reported profound transformation. Some issues were hard for people to quantify in a number system like this but in the comments usually said there was a big difference. Again there was an overall 44% reduction of issues for participants who completed the online process. And again, 3 people reported their issue at 0 (Resolved) at the end.

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Things people worked on included (edited to preserve privacy): 

  • Letting go of fear, overwhelm, silent worry
  • Fear
  • Emotional Heart Block
  • Headaches/stress
  • Grief, feeling of being stuck
  • Weakness in legs
  • Increase sex desire
  • Anger issues and more focus in school
  • Gain clarity about purpose and how to contribute it to the society in a successful way
  • Jaw joint pain
  • Digestive, overall health
  • Uterine Fibroids
  • Anxiety and shame
  • High blood pressure
  • Left breast
  • Trauma, PTSD
  • I have had a cloud of threatening flu like energy around my lungs and throat that has been hanging around for 12 weeks. As I knock it out, it seems to re-energize itself to continue hanging around
  • Shortness of breath, heart palpitations, lungs congestion and wheezy
  • Prostate
  • Well being

Not everything can be healed in this way. But a lot can. Or at least improved during each event. (Your body and mind do the healing, while I provide the energy.)

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Some of the comments from participants at the end were (edited to preserve privacy):

“Better ”
“It was very pleasant..time past so quickly”
“More relaxed. Less physical tension in my head”
“I feel relief and more at ease”
“I’m sweating, and zoomed out 🙂 So I need some rest and water, indeed. I’m curious what the integration will do :)”
“Thank You”
“I feel more content. I hadn’t realized all of the past energy I was carrying in my body.  I feel like I am on my way to releasing past, stuck energy, and freeing myself to be fully creative, and healthy and living in present time.”
“I am in such a different place than when I started. I have been very anxious and feel calm. I saw my 5 y.o. self, amongst other things and she went from being scared to smiling. It came up for me that I felt unloveable and I breathed that out over and over, while breathing in that I am loveable. The power of forgiveness was important for me and I am excited to see in the time ahead if I can truly let go. I felt a powerful sense of clarity towards the end of what it would feel like to be whole, to be complete, to be healed and it felt possible. I hope I can hold onto it. I am so so grateful to you for your willingness to share your gifts and help me heal and help the world heal. I am so so very grateful. Thank you and may you be blessed with divine light always. ”
“I imagined my blood pressure was 120 over 70 which would be really good for me and I can feel the joy energy that comes from my body feeling more electrically balanced”
“I had some good breakthroughs in the process. There are so many layers to emotional issues. I am happy to have uncovered deeper layers of issues to be addressed and forgiven. Thank you, Steven.”
“…this healing was very powerful as I do these themes … so I was able to really work with this simple form easily and had lots of insights and release..I feel much lighter and clearer…, really trippy …I am left with I AM Supreme Consciousness NOW… I released a lot. I would have given it a .5, I am between 0 and 1 …. Thank you so much for your brilliant healing process. May you have Great Good Fortune with all you give to the world. ”
“I feel lighter, smoother, more free and clear. I very much enjoyed the energy.  Thank you for this work and thank you for this session. …”
“I feel very relaxed and happy and healthy”
“I am happy that I could participate, focus and release some of negative energy. It’s a part of a longer process and I feel that repetition will bring the complete peace of mind. Thank you Steven for your guidance.”


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