Logoic/God/Goddess/Solar Aspect

Logoic/God/Goddess/Solar Aspect

You are more than the physical body that you sense. Your mind, emotions, and soul have their own bodies. These bodies are distinct from yet connected to your physical body. You have many bodies. Highly sensitive people have always been able to perceive one or more of these nonphysical bodies. Recent advances in science and technology are verifying their existence. Our day to day experience confirms their reality.

Please note: This image is more metaphorical than actual because this level is extremely abstract.

The Solar Aspect is the source of our Light, Life, and Love. The Solar System is Alive. Nearly all the planets are populated on nonphysical levels. There are 200 Billion Monads/Individual Beings (such as you and me) living in this Solar System. The earth is the densest place to live in our Solar System. There are many nonphysical planets that are teeming with life and activity. Each Individualized Being is an atom in its body. Each planet is a major energy center in its body. 60 Billion of the Individualized Beings in our Solar System are on the Human path of evolution. 140 Billion of the Individualized Beings in our Solar System are on the Angelic (called in the east Devic) path of evolution (which is feminine in relation to the Human path). This makes our Local God, the Solar Deity, technically feminine in gender since most of its atoms are feminine. Our Solar Deity is a Goddess. We are Her children. She is our caretaker. We are the atoms in Her body. We fundamentally, as Individual Beings, are Her.

To unfold Consciousness which is fundamentally Love. The previous Solar System unfolded Intelligence, which is an inherent part of our current Solar System. The next Solar System will unfold Will and Power, after Love is fully developed.

Range of Consciousness:
Encompassing the life and activity of 200 Billion Beings evolving and living on multiple levels (Monadic, Atmic, Buddhic, Manasic, Causal, Mental, Astral, Etheric, Physical) on many planets.

Interstellar dynamics in 9 spatial dimensions. (For more information about this go to Understanding Spatial Dimensions.)

The entire Solar System including the Sun, the known physical planets, asteroids, moons, and a vast number of nonphysical planets existing in subtle levels of reality. When viewed as a whole on all levels the Solar System looks like an immense whirlwind of radiant energy, like a huge radiant atom. It is an atom in the body of our Galactic God, The Galactic Deity. It also serves the role of the Heart Chakra/Center of a Being somewhat larger than itself.

How Awakened:
Logoic/Solar Consciousness is awakened through specific meditation practices.

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