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Self-Love Meditation to 1st Jhana

by Steven Lumiere Version 1.1 The 1st Jhana is the first level of High Yoga (Divine Union) with the Higher Self, also known as Samadhi or absorption in the superconscious level of your being. Fully developed self-love is key to not only being able to receive love from...

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Self-Healing Insight Method

by Steven Lumiere Version 1.1 For unpacking and releasing psychological energy patterns out of the body to relieve physical pain and symptoms. Physical pain and other symptoms are most commonly caused by psychological patterns being suppressed and active in the body....

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Self-Clearing Methods for Purification and Protection

 Vibrational State Self-Clearing Method   The Vibrational State is an easy method for daily energy cleansing. This simple technique effectively clears your body and energy fields of non-optimal energies. It also clears unhealthy influences picked up from your...

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