Absorption = (See Samadhi.)

Ageless Wisdom = The esoteric eternal science of Reality for all levels/planes/universes of existence and throughout all time irrespective of age or time period. What everything is, how everything works and the purpose of everything on all levels – physical, psychological, and spiritual. The comprehensive original source for all spiritual teachings. The most contemporary transmissions of the Ageless Wisdom have come through authors Alice A. Bailey, Helena P. Blavatsky, Lucille Cedercrans, and some others, all of which were messengers for various Masters of the Ageless Wisdom. (See also Ageless Wisdom Teachings )

Agreements = An energy exchange on a usually subconscious level that discarnate people set up so that they can attach to you. For example, one day you don’t feel like going to work, so they whisper into your subconscious, “Okay, I will give you an excuse by making you sick, in exchange for some of your life-force.” Your subconscious agrees and then you have an attached discarnate. Many other examples could be given. (In the Self-Clearing Method section.)

Aspects or Bodies, The Many Vehicles for growth in consciousness and expression. (Listed from most subtle to most dense) = Monad, Atmic, Buddhic, Manasic, Soul/Causal, Personality, Mental, Astral, Etheric, Physical-Etheric, Physical. (For more information on each go to the definition of that particular body.)

Astral Body = The vehicle of desire that gives personal feelings, images, and emotions.

Astral Plane = A level of reality just above the Etheric and Physical in vibration that is composed of desires, emotions, fantasy, and images.

Atmic Body = The vehicle that is the expression of spiritual will and the source of personal will. The vehicle for the conscious identification with The One Life existing through all on planet Earth as well as universal purpose.

Atmic Plane = A level of reality composed of divine purposes.

Aura = The subtle bodies that interpenetrate and envelop the physical body, specifically = the Etheric, Astral(Emotional), Lower Mental, Personality (Mental Self Concept), Soul, Higher Mental, and subtler bodies.

Beings = discarnate beings or lifeforms on any level of reality.

Bodies or Aspects, The Many Vehicles for growth in consciousness and expression. (Listed from most subtle to most dense) = Monadic, Atmic, Buddhic, Manasic, Soul/Causal, Personality, Mental, Astral, Etheric, Physical-Etheric, Physical. (For more information on each go to the definition of that particular body.)

Buddhic Body = The vehicle that gives consciousness of unity, relationships, the significance of things, wisdom, group consciousness, and universal love. The Christ-Self.

Buddhic Plane = A level of reality composed of relationships and unity’s.

Chakras = (See Energy Centers)

Chi = (See Vital Energy)

Christ or equivalent = a vast and powerful living presence of tremendous consciousness of Love and Light that empowers the evolution, well-being and good in all. And, there is always an individual Master who fully embodies and focuses this presence for humanity. All humans have the potential and destiny of becoming Christed and embodying this power of love, light, and consciousness (“This and greater things ye shall do.” – Jesus). Jesus was another Christed being who repeated the historical process of showing the way. Others have been, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed and many others.

Command = I assert, demand, I intend, the application of the will and ideally the divine God force and power through you for the benefit of others in alignment with the Divine Plane.

Consciousness = The result of the interaction of observer and observed, actor and acted upon. This result of interaction is relationship and, eventually, love and wisdom.

Divine Energies = Energies that are of an evolutionary and beneficial nature, motivated by universal purpose, expressed with universal love, and patterned with universal intelligence.

Divine Plan = the original and continual purpose for the existence of our world that is the highest good for all, individually and collectively.

Empowerment = The giving of stimulation that causes the individual to become healthier, more conscious, stronger, and more self-reliant.

Energies = These are energies that are, in the case of the commands, harmful. (In the Self-Clearing Method section.)

Energy Centers = Concentrations of energy and consciousness, often in the form of vortices that receive, process/change, and express energies and various types of consciousness.

Enlightenment = Progressive and forever greater levels of expanded and truthful perception, freedom of beneficent action and abilities, and unlimited identity.

Entire Being = Your personality (physical, etheric, emotional, mental) and soul and higher spiritual selves and aspects that make up who you are.

Esoteric = The hidden inner spiritual meaning which resides behind all forms and all events, the understanding of which carries life and liberation to both the individual and humanity. Divine knowledge.

Etheric Body = The subtle level of the physical body. Contains the acupuncture points and meridians, and lowest level of the chakras, as well as the “blue print” for the physical body’s form and functions. It is primarily made of Vital Energies also known as Chi or Prana. The electromagnetic field surrounding the physical body is part of the Etheric body.

Forces = These are directed energies.

God = Source. The immanent and transcendent Life that creates all living beings and things and lives through all living beings and things.

Heavenly Levels of Reality = Nonphysical levels of existence where saints, sages, souls and spiritual beings reside. Such levels are effulgent with light, harmony, love, bliss, freedom, and clear awareness. They can be experienced in advanced meditation. Enlightenment is the union of this conscious level of existence with physical consciousness and existence.

Higher Self = The aspect of the Self that is composed of the Soul (Transcendental) and the Spirit. (See Soul, Transcendental and see Spirit) The aspect of the Self that is composed of the Soul Body, Manasic Body, Buddhic Body, Atmic Body, and Monad.

Jhana = See Samadhi.

Illumination = The blazing forth of conscious awareness of the truth of things, Self, God, and Reality, in progressive degrees. The increase of the inner Light used for perception of things as they truly are. The liberation from the pain and darkness of ignorance and unconsciousness. The entrance into the Bliss of Reality.

Imagination = In meditation, the planned activity of the image-making faculty that can be used to manipulate energy on various levels of reality.

Influencing, having influenced or intending to influence me = present, past, and future intended influences. (In the Self-Clearing Method section.)

Intelligence = The ability to recognize, discern, organize, and creatively use.

Karma = The effects of past actions and experiences – often in the form of habitual patterns, tendencies, established forces, momentums, or accumulated energies. In physics, Newton’s 2nd Law = for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The great universal Law of Balance that teaches us the right use of expression and gives us the ability to cause creatively the results that we want.

Knowledge = Detailed labels, presentations about the appearances or the perceived form of things. (See Wisdom by contrast.)

Logoic Plane = A level of reality composed of The Transcendental One Life/God.

Love = The perception of value, the action of inclusion, the urge to exchange value. The keynote of our solar system towards which everything is evolving.

Manasic Body, Higher Mental = The vehicle of cognition that gives universal, abstract, and generalized thoughts and concepts.

Manasic Plane = A level of reality composed of thoughts and cognitions ranging from particular or specific to general or universal.

Meditation = Techniques that work with consciousness and energy to stimulate the evolution of the individual or the object of the meditation.

Mental Body, Lower = The vehicle of cognition that gives particular thoughts, concepts, and the majority of personal memory.

Monad = The Source of Self. The Spark of God Within. The God-Self. The Individual Spirit.

Monadic Plane = A level of reality composed of differentiations of The One Life/God.

Patterns = these are combinations of vibrations.

Personality Body = The mental self-concept. Distinctive character. The sum total of the mental(thought/cognitive), astral(emotional/desire), etheric(energy), and physical(dense) vehicles of consciousness brought together into a distinctive unit for the period of one lifetime. The vehicle for a fragment of the Soul used for the experience of living a life and unfolding one’s evolutionary potential.

Physical Body = The vehicle for living in the dense physical universe. Serves as a stable foundation for the other bodies. The physical body also has a great value in crystallizing, making coherent and permanent consciousness that is processed through it. This is the main reason why physical incarnation and life is so valuable for evolution.

Physical Plane = A level of reality composed of dense and subtle(subatomic/etheric/vital/prana/chi) matter.

Physical-Etheric Body = The vehicle of action that is the sum of two bodies and gives life in the physical universe and is composed of dense and subtle energy (chi, prana, vitality).

Plane = A level of existence, consciousness, reality, and life.

Planes, Seven = There are seven planes upon which we exist. The following is a brief summary = Logoic, Monadic, Atmic, Buddhic, Manasic, Astral, Etheric-Physical. (See 7 Universes.)

Prana = (See Vital Energy)

Samadhi = Raising ones level of consciousness to a higher plane through one-pointed concentration.

Soul = (See Soul Body under Bodies)

Soul Body = Also called the Causal Body. A spiritual and nearly immortal part of a human being. The accumulation of the fruits of all past lives especially in accumulated knowledge and ability to intelligently and creatively act, unfolded love and wisdom, and also developed will and power. The reservoir of all past life memory.

Soul, Incarnate = A fragment of the Soul (Transcendental, see below) that has descended into limited personality existence to give the Personality life, consciousness, purpose, and activity for the purpose of furthering its evolution and the evolution of the universe.

Soul, Transcendental = That immortal aspect of self that exists in more rarefied levels of reality, transcendent of temporary personality existence. It is the sum total of all benefits of all past lives in the form of accumulated knowledge, intelligence, love, wisdom, will, and power. The storehouse of all evolutionary processes an individual has gone through to reach and maintain a given level of evolution.

Source = (See God)

Spirit = The Spark of God that exists in all living beings and all things. The all pervading Life. The Buddha Nature. The Tao.

Spiritual = That which is oriented towards Soul and/or Spirit.

Spiritual Aliveness = The dynamic expression of the true spiritual Self or Higher Self.

Spiritual Healing = Methods of healing that utilize the energies and presence of divine sources that have the purpose of serving everything in evolution towards the expression of innate and destined goodness, beauty, and truth.

Spiritual Hierarchy of Light = a large group of spiritually oriented and enlightened beings at various stages of illumination that organize themselves according to their degree of enlightenment and ability to serve. They serve God and the Divine Plan for our planet. The overseers and guides of the evolution of our world and humanity.

Subconscious = that level of our consciousness that is below our normal conscious awareness and has more to do with the automatic accumulated tendencies and functions of our being.

Subtle Energy = Nonphysical energies that facilitate the personal and universal functions of = vitality, desire/emotion, cognitive thought, identity, unity, divine purpose, macrocosmic identity, and union with Source. Energies of the Etheric, Astral(Emotional), Lower Mental, Soul, Higher Mental, and Spiritual levels of Reality.

Subtle Energy Toxins = Toxic substances can accumulate not only on the physical level but on subtle levels as well. For example, feeling negatively creates toxic emotional (astral) substances that can accumulate in the emotional body as a mass of negative emotional energy. We can produce, as well as take on from other people and our environment, such subtle energy toxins on mental, emotional, and etheric levels.

Superconscious = That level of our consciousness that is above our conscious awareness and has more to do with our soul, divine nature, spiritual self, or any awareness that is more elevated than our current awareness, such as astral and mental plane phenomenon. Above the level of your normal consciousness, which can be the astral, mental, and higher spiritual worlds.

Technology = The practical application of knowledge.

Thoughtform = a mass of mental, emotional, and sometimes etheric energy that usually contains habitual patterns of past behavior. They can appear and act like a discarnate human. They can have a dynamic behavior and do anything the creator intends them to do. People are always creating thoughtforms, whether they realize it or not. They can have good effects or bad effects depending on what they are made of.

Universal Forces of Light = a Universal Force of Light that has only the highest good of all in mind and lends its power to protect and clear you. (In the Self-Clearing Method section.)

Vibrations = these are sound like influences that are detrimental. (In the Self-Clearing Method section.)

Virtuous Quality = Any quality that is truly good, beneficial, and useful. Examples are Peace, Intelligence, Love, Confidence, Creativity, Discernment, Balance, Joy, Wholeness, Compassion, etc. Virtuous Qualities are typically gained through personal development, challenges, realization, or by modeling others. They can also be absorbed energetically.

Vital Energy = Life energy that enlivens and maintains body, forms, and functions, and also carries consciousness.

Will = Intent, purpose, power.

Wisdom = Knowledge that is applied to life and is experienced results in an accurate understanding of the true significance, true relationship, and true value of things, is wisdom. While knowledge can be forgotten, wisdom becomes a permanent part of oneself through personal experience. Knowledge is transmuted into wisdom through life experience. Wisdom has more to do with understanding the way that things are eternally (and therefore spiritually) rather than the temporary details of the current time.