by Steven Lumiere

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The 8 Keys to Manifesting What You Want

Using just one of these 8 Keys, used with intent, can manifest what you want. Using all of them  facilitates rapid reality creation.

These are…

  1. Choosing. For example, you choose something to eat. This simple act sets in motion the creation of the reality you want.
  2. Deciding. Decisions are stronger than beliefs and set up energy flows that can persist on their own as long as you want.
  3. Intending. Your intention is your will that it occurs.
  4. Commanding. A stronger application of will where you are asserting your right to what you want.
  5. Seeing. Imagining or visualizing it as you want it to be.
  6. Knowing. This is stronger than believing. Knowing that it is so.
  7. Feeling. What you will feel when it is so. Generating that feeling.
  8. Having. Simply having the reality or manifestation. Owning it as yours.

Applying these 8 Keys to what you want in life will greatly empower their manifestation.

Below I give a powerful way to put this into practice. You can adapt the following practice to your individual liking.

To  quicken manifestation, you may want to work with me to clear any subconscious energy patterns that might slow or interfere with the manifestation. Optimizing your energy system, can open the way for easier manifestation of what you want in life.



Reality Creation Meditation/Prayer and Sleep Practice:

These techniques employ the power of both the superconscious and the subconscious to create the reality that you want. You are already creating your reality, but you are doing it unintentionally. Your reality is being created by subconscious forces and to some degree by superconscious forces. The superconscious forces are trying to give you what is in alignment with the universal and personal divine plan of all goodness. The subconscious forces are constantly broadcasting to the universe a picture of reality based on past experiences and programming, most of which is limiting. Your superconscious and your subconscious are usually in conflict in creating the optimal reality. This technique aligns the subconscious with the superconscious and employs both in creating reality. Your reality is created as a reflection of primarily your subconscious, secondarily your conscious mind or thinking and feeling, and thirdly by your superconscious. When you align all three to the same new positive reality that you want then you can perform powerful magic in attracting to yourself all the good that you want and need. The divine plan is the fulfillment of all that you hold to be good, beautiful, and true and much more than you can currently imagine, as a wonderful future. But it is up to you to create it.

***Since what you think and feel about tends to manifest, if you are engaging with negative news about the economy and/or negative conversation with others about your life or the economy you will manifest negative experiences in your life. If you want to live differently, you must avoid the bad news as much as possible and avoid negative conversation with people. (Tell them you don’t want to talk about it. If they ask why, tell them it is too depressing.)***

***Do not tell anyone you are doing this reality creation practice. If you do you will disperse the energy before it has a chance to manifest. And their negative thoughts will interfere. Keep quiet.***

In preparation, make a list of your ideal reality, a list of all the good things that you want and need (keep it to at about 5 items for focus). Your highest desires, hopes, and dreams are usually inspired by your soul or higher self. God wants you to be happy and to be fulfilled. Make this list realistic, for example what is the relatively easily possible for you to have: if you have saved a certain amount of money before, put that down or perhaps a little more. As you get it, you can steadily increase the amount that you list. The more believable it is, the easier it will be to manifest it.

For something to manifest eventually you usually need only state out loud to the universe or to God that you want it. For something to manifest quickly you need to state and experience it in eight ways. Write these eight ways down on a piece of paper:

  1. I choose that
  2. I decide that
  3. I intend that
  4. I command that
  5. I see that
  6. I know that
  7. I feel that
  8. I have

Next, write out a PRESENT TIME, ENTIRELY POSITIVE statement of what you want. Such as “I have a satisfying well paying job.” “I will have …” etc. is not present time and will tend to make it always in the future. “I don’t have a dissatisfying …” is a double negative and is not a statement of actually what you want, and the universe and God do not respond well to double negatives. Make it present time and entirely positive. Also, do not put a specific person in it (unless you are their legal guardian and they are less than 18 years old) because this becomes manipulation and this will backfire on you. If you want to have a type of person in your life then a type of person, such as “I have a perfectly compatible mate.” You may describe in more detail than the examples given here.

Next, write the out on eight lines the eight ways listed above with the present time positive statement. After, write “In graceful, good, and happy ways” so that it manifests as such. For example:

  1. I choose that I have a satisfying and well paying job.
  2. I decide that I have a satisfying and well paying job.
  3. I intend that I have a satisfying and well paying job.
  4. I command that I have a satisfying and well paying job.
  5. I see that I have a satisfying and well paying job.
  6. I know that I have a satisfying and well paying job.
  7. I feel that I have a satisfying and well paying job.
  8. I have a satisfying and well paying job.

…All in graceful, good, and happy ways.

Do this for each of the five things that you have listed you want. In the following Meditation/Prayer and Sleep Practice, you are going to use this list of the statements you have written for what you want to manifest.

If you want to manifest more money in your life it is best to make three statements for this.

  1. One may be a set amount. For example, “I have ___ amount of money, in graceful, good, and happy ways.”
  2. One that involves work of some kind. For example, “I have a satisfying and well paying job, in graceful, good, and happy ways.”
  3. One that is general. For example, “I am very wealthy, in graceful, good, and happy ways.” or “I always have more than enough money for all my needs and wants, in graceful, good, and happy ways.” so you get money flowing towards yourself.


Reality Creation Meditation/Prayer

Best done in the evening just before bedtime. But if you cannot do it then then do it at the time you can.

Sit comfortably, in an upright posture, in a quiet place where you will be undisturbed. To make yourself magnetic and in right relationship with the universe and God do the following Love oriented meditation. This will also merge you with your superconsciousness/soul so that you can draw upon its power to manifest your ideal reality:

  1. Think of someone dear to you that you naturally feel love for, feel and send that love to them.
  2. Generate, feel, and project love from your chest to yourself.
  3. Feel and project love to people that are dear to you.
  4. Feel and project love to people that you are neutral towards.
  5. Feel and project love to so called enemies.
  6. Feel and project love to all people.
  7. Feel and project love to the entire world.
  8. Do your best to love the entire world as intensely as you can, unconditionally; eventually merging with God’s unconditional ecstatic love towards all beings and things, just as the Sun gives its warmth and light to all beings equally.

Next, while holding yourself in the highest state of love that you can, say out loud, “Universe …” or “God …” or “Source, Higher Self, and My Divine Helpers…” or whomever you pray to, and then repeat each of your eight statements for each item you want to manifest.


  1. After you say “I choose that …” simply choose this reality.
  2. After you say “I decide that …” decide that it is so.
  3. After you say “I intend that …” apply your will to intend that it manifests.
  4. After you say “I command that …” command that it occur as strongly as you can.
  5. After you say “I see that …” imagine or visualize the process of and steps to the final manifestation and the final manifestation itself.
  6. After you say “I know that …” know with certainty as best as you can that you have it.
  7. After you say “I feel that …” feel that you have it as best as you can.
  8. After you say “I have …” experience that you have it.

Each of these is an inner muscle that you are going to be exercising on a daily basis, making the experience stronger and stronger over time.

Then say, “All in graceful, good, and happy ways.”

Then take a deep breath, and let it all go, and let the universe/God do the job in manifesting it in whatever way that is good for you.


Reality Creation Sleep Practice

Our outer reality is a reflection of our inner subconscious reality. Our inner subconscious normally runs on automatic, creating the reality that it was programmed to from your past conditioning. The energetic broadcast of your subconscious mind’s content is like a continual prayer to the universe/God. In this practice you will use self hypnosis to pre-program your subconscious to automatically draw to you your ideal reality.

Sitting at the side of your bed, read your ideal reality list 3 times. Then climb into bed and make yourself comfortable. Raise one of your arms from the elbow up so that it is balanced straight up in the air with little or no effort. This is so that if you fall asleep during the exercise, your arm will fall over and wake you up so that you can continue the exercise.

Relax your entire body as best you can. If you need to, tense and relax all the muscles in your body. Take a few deep breaths, in through your nose, holding for 3 seconds, and then blowing out very slowly through your mouth like you are blowing out a candle. Completely relax. Close your eyes.

Next, imagine yourself on a little journey bringing in all of your senses. Perhaps imagine walking on a path in the woods, hearing the leaves crackling under your shoes as you walk, hearing the birds chirping, seeing the sun shining through the trees, feeling a nice warm breeze brushing up against you, getting a scent of the forest. Then come to a clearing or a favorite peaceful place.

Here you want to set up an metaphor that represents going deeply into your subconscious. You will be going down 3 levels that represent a light hypnotic state, a medium hypnotic state, and a deep hypnotic state that is on the edge of sleep, the fourth level is sleep. Hypnosis is defined as a state whereby your subconscious tendencies are calmed down and very quiet and receptive to new input. Here you are doing self-hypnosis, so there is no one controlling you, you are in charge, putting in the new programming yourself. One metaphor is an elevator going down deep into the earth. Another is a series of 3 escalators going down deeply into your subconscious. As you go down you relax more and more until you are on the edge of sleep, in a deeply relaxed state.

At this deeply relaxed level of consciousness, in your mind, you say to yourself your eight statements for each item and after each statement you accordingly:

  1. Choose it.
  2. Decide that it is so.
  3. Intend it to occur.
  4. Command it to occur.
  5. See it as a reality right now as well as the major steps to the final manifestation.
  6. Know it as a reality now.
  7. Feel it as a reality now.
  8. Have it as a reality now.

Then say, “All in graceful, good, and happy ways.”

When you have done this to the best of your ability. Put your arm down and let yourself go down to the next level to sleep. Let yourself go to sleep, taking with you the desires, images, beliefs, feelings, expectations, taking them for granted, and gratitude for them, taking them deeply into your subconscious as you go into deep sleep. If you wake during the night, remember and rehearse having and living your ideal reality.


Make a habit of doing both of these exercises every day before you go to bed and before you go to sleep. Also, it can help to make a habit of reading your list 3 times a day to keep your conscious mind aligned with the reality creation. In a matter of time, when you have done it enough, in relation to the previous content of your subconscious, your ideal reality will manifest. It may take days, weeks or months, but it will happen. And you will have all that is good for you and you will have control of your reality. As your ideal reality manifests, you may improve and enhance it as you like. This really works and has for many people. The meditation can be done in 10 or 20 minutes, and the sleep exercise can be done in 10 or 20 minutes also. Think of all the time you will save by having your ideal reality. Have fun. Create the highest for all. And make this world a better place.


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