Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


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How is what you do different than Reiki, Jorei, and other methods of healing?

Reiki and similar methods are beautiful systems that allow anyone to transmit healing energy without any or little knowledge of energy, human energy anatomy, prior healing ability, nor any ability to see the many energy bodies. They often give soothing, beneficial results.

However, in order to quickly resolve deep issues and physically manifested illnesses, much more is required, such as: a comprehensive direct knowledge of the full range of energy conditions, an awakened divine eye that can see the many energy bodies and their states, and an unlimited range of energy resources to draw upon at high potency levels.

Most importantly, the healer must be able enter into a superconscious samadhi state of identification with universal love that allows access to the perfect health and consciousness that is seeking to manifest through the divine plan. Once this innate perfect health and consciousness is accessed, through superconscious absorption in universal love, then it can be incarnated into manifested expression, facilitating truly rapid healing.


How did you become a healer and how long have you been doing this work?

I have been working as a healer for over 37 years. Please go to the page on Steven Lumiere for more details.


To read an interview with Steven Lumiere, where he describes a session and explains in more detail, click here.


How can I determine if I have experienced the higher bodies, levels, or planes that you write about?

Go to : How to Determine If You Have Reached a Higher Level of Reality, and What Pseudo-Higher Planes/Levels Are.


What is the Self? You reveal that what I normally call self is not my physical body but a grouping of my physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies. Further, you reveal that I have a soul self that lives longer than my personality. Also, you reveal more selves from manasic to monadic and even solar or God-self. Again, what can I call self?

Good question. Who you are as an individuality is the combination of the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, manasic, buddhic, atmic, and monadic bodies or aspects. This we may call your relative self, because when examined with penetrating insight meditation, to the point of particles and waves that are constantly changing, no permanent self can be found. What you are in this moment has changed to something new in the next moment. While the general combination seems to persist on a superficial level this gives the appearance of a continuing self. You will continue in this way as an individuality. However, if you go deeper, with insight meditation, and enter into Nibbana/Nirvana (that out of which everything is arising and dissolving back into), and transfer your identity there, you enter into a level of reality where it is clear that the relative self is not who you are, but rather that unconditioned state of Nibbana/Nirvana is more like what you are because it is stable, contains no self, peaceful, free from the desire for a self, is the source out which all relative selves are constantly arising out of and dissolving back into each moment. Further, if you enter into the 9th Jhana/higher Logoic Plane transcending your personal point of view by transcending feeling and perception that require a personal point of view in order to operate, you enter into pure identification with the Local God, the Solar Deity, and everything contained in it. In this state you are all relative selves and at the same time none of them. Nibbana/Nirvana and the 9th Jhana/ Solar Deity pure identification could be more like the real self, or at least realer than the relative self of the individuality. Self is a mystery that the most evolved beings in the universe are probably trying to determine. It could be more like nothing and everything and the path of discovery. Everything is evolving, which means everything is constantly growing in Selfness. The more you shift your identity to a higher level of self, the more free you are of suffering and have greater abilities to do what is good. Therefore there is a relative self individuality composed of physical, etheric, astral, mental, causal, manasic, buddhic, atmic, and monadic bodies or aspects; and there is a greater being in whom we live and move and have our being, that we eventually transfer our identity into. Down the road of evolution, we will probably pass our identity into greater and greater beings as we approach our original source.