Master Energy Healer Steven Lumiere

Steven Lumiere is a Master Energy Healer. He has been in practice for over 40 years, bringing energy healing to people world-wide long before it was popular.

He has a profound ability to identify the hidden causes of conditions. He is then able to determine the most effective means of resolution and to provide access to the most powerful sources of divine healing. Steven Lumiere’s skill at using Higher Vision to identify the causes of illness and psychological issues as energy, allows him to rapidly remedy a wide range of problems, usually in minutes in one or two sessions. He is able to clear those causes as energy, and invoke Divine Grace to empower the innate perfect health and consciousness in each individual.

Steven Lumiere’s journey as a Seer and a Energy Healer began when he stepped on the path of meditation in his teens in 1981. Shortly afterwards, in 1982 an Elder Seer and Healer recognized his potential and pointed it out to him, telling him he was a Healer and that his third eye was very developed.  The Elder then asked him a number of questions that evoked his innate abilities to see beyond the physical veil as well as utilize his gift of innate healing abilities.  Shortly thereafter he started working as an Energy Healer and when doing so numerous advanced abilities of sight and energy mastery spontaneously manifested.  He immediately had a full energy healing practice as people reported receiving profound healing with him.

From the start of stepping on the path of meditation, Steven Lumiere quickly entered into deep samadhi states of superconscious advanced meditation.  In time, he learned to refine and deepen his concentration so as to enter the full range of superconscious states of union with the Divine. He also learned to direct these superconscious states of concentration to certain universal principles so as to further awaken supernormal abilities or siddhis for the purpose of greater service to others. By merging his consciousness in universal light, his Higher-Vision or divine eye awakened to profound new levels. By merging his consciousness in universal love, his ability to evoke healing increased to miraculous levels. Steven has completed at least 35,000 hours of superconscious meditation thus far in this life.

Steven Lumiere began his University education at the young age of 16 with concentrations in Fine Arts, Biochemistry, Physics, and Psychology. He received his BA in psychology from University of California Los Angeles, and completed Doctoral studies at California Institute of Integral Studies. He has extensively traveled studying with numerous healers and spiritual teachers world-wide.

Steven Lumiere’s work is unique in that his primary methods are from direct divine inspiration and have unfolded over many years of refinement while facilitating the healing of others.

Steven Lumiere has abilities to positively affect people worldwide regardless of distance. He has just as effectively helped people on the other side of the planet, as if they were in the same room with him, by extending his consciousness to them and using his higher-vision and healing abilities over the distance. He works with 90% of his clients worldwide, over the phone or computer. Countries he has served so far include: all across America, all across Canada, Australia, all across Europe, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Austria, France, Denmark, Africa, England, and others.

Please note: The Divine Grace of Source/God is the healer and does the healing with Steven’s work. Steven Lumiere does not and has never healed anything. (He is not a medical doctor and does not practice medicine.) It is his unique ability to see all as energy and to identify the causes of dis-eases and psychological issues as energy patterns and to invoke healing Divine Grace from the most powerful Source (that continually creates and sustains the Universe) to heal those patterns, that makes his work so effective. When the most powerful Source of healing energy is properly invoked, healing can be immediate.