Awaken with Meditation

Beginning to Advanced Meditation Instruction

– For accelerating personal growth, awakening to higher levels, mastering life.

Meditation is the training of attention so as to cause specific highly beneficial effects in oneself and one’s life. Proper meditation leads to personal liberation from suffering, mastery of life and circumstances, superconsciousness, the awakening of higher abilities of consciousness, and direct access to unlimited happiness within.

An effective path of meditation is composed of several subpaths:
1. The Path of Virtue Cultivation (Character Balancing and Building)
2. The Path of Absorption (Concentration/Samatha/Samadhi)
3. The Path of Insight (Realization/Understanding/Vipassana)
4. The Path of Energy Mastery (Cultivation of Vitality and Energies of Consciousness)
5. The Path of Reality Creation (Adjusting Karma, White Magic)

Individualized Meditation Instruction
Learn to meditate in the way that is uniquely right for you. No one technique will work for everybody. When you have the right meditation practice that suites your individual nature and current range of consciousness then meditation is relatively easy, effective and highly rewarding.

Initial Instruction includes:
1. Initial Interview – determining what types of practices are uniquely right for you.
2. Initial Instruction Session – teaching and guiding you in these practices so that you can do them independently.
3. Follow-Up Instruction Session – answering any questions and refining your practice.

Continuing Instruction Sessions once every two weeks is ideal for the most rapid progress, or, are then available as you need or want them. An hour session every two weeks is a standard training route to higher and higher levels of: skill, consciousness, joy/bliss/inner satisfaction, enlightened liberation, and supernormal abilities.

The requirement for the Meditation Instruction is: the commitment to meditate at least 30 minutes per day.