by Steven Lumiere

Version 1.1

For unpacking and releasing psychological energy patterns out of the body to relieve physical pain and symptoms.

Physical pain and other symptoms are most commonly caused by psychological patterns being suppressed and active in the body. By the following simple process, most physical symptoms and pain can be released by consciously processing the underlying emotions, thoughts, and identities stuck in the body. Journaling this process can help move it along.

  1. What is the primary sensation? Describe in detail the physical sensation. Ex. Hot, sharp, prickly, etc. This is the physical level.
  2. Sensing into the sensations, what is the primary emotion? Ex. Anger, sadness, fear, etc. This is the emotional level.
  3. Feeling, what is the emotion about? Ex. Anger about…. This the thought level.
  4. Sensing and Feeling more, what identity is associated with the thought. This is an “I am” statement. “I am …” Ex. I am unworthy. I am bad. Etc. This is the identity thought level.
  5. Take three deep breaths into that part of your body and let it all go with each breath.
  6. Return to the physical sensation level and describe the physical sensations now. They will be different. And repeat the above 5 processes.
  7. Keep cycling until no more pain or other physical discomfort and the body is clear.


Here are the questions to ask and answer to do this process:

  1. What is the primary sensation in the body? The primary sensation is __________.
  2. What is the primary emotion in the sensation? The primary emotion is __________.
  3. What is the emotion about? The emotion is about __________.
  4. What identity is involved with this? “I am __________.”

Then take three deep breaths into this area of the body, letting it all go.

Repeat starting with question #1. The answers will most likely be slightly or very different as you unpack and release layers of energy, emotion, thought, and identity out of the body.

This simple process can release and clear a majority of acute and sometimes chronic bodily symptoms. For deeper clearing, feel free to sign up for a session with me.


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