Physical Body

Physical Body

You are more than the physical body that you sense. Your mind, emotions, and soul have their own bodies. These bodies are distinct from yet connected to your physical body. You have many bodies. Highly sensitive people have always been able to perceive one or more of these nonphysical bodies. Recent advances in science and technology are verifying their existence. Our day to day experience confirms their reality.

The Physical Body provides an experience of complete separation, which is unavailable in any other body. This experience of separation clarifies personal character and the essence of individuality. The Physical Body also provides stability, a solid foundation for all the other bodies. The Physical Body also assists in the crystallization of consciousness – any lessons learned while in a Physical Body, any experiences processed through it, become clearly defined and permanent consciousness as result of the Physical Body’s separative and stabilizing influence. This is why the Physical Body is so valuable in our growth process.

Range of Consciousness:
The five physical sensory organs giving perceptions of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell limited to solid, liquid, and gaseous matter – painful and not painful (See Mechanism of Pleasure). The five physical organs of action: hands (grasping, etc.), feet (motion), digestive system (eating and excreting), throat (speaking), and genitals (sex and reproduction).

THE PHYSICAL BRAIN IS NOT A SOURCE OF EXPERIENCE as some current neuroscientists now mistakenly believe. While areas of the brain are associated with different consciousness functions, many neuroscientists do admit that they cannot locate emotions, mind, and soul in the brain. Nor can they fully explain the human psyche with neuroanatomy. THE PHYSICAL BRAIN IS A RELAY STATION, translating emotional, mental, and spiritual events and information into neuro-electrochemical events and information. NEUROCHEMICALS AND ASSOCIATED BRAIN PROCESSES ARE SIMPLY CHANNEL SELECTORS FOR VARIOUS STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS. All states of consciousness exist independent of the physical body. This relay station works in both directions: spiritual, mental, or emotional states trigger neuro-electrochemical events in the brain (physical consciousness) AND neurochemical stimulation (for example through drugs) open access to specific states of emotion, thought, or spiritual awareness. CONTEMPORARY PHYSICS HAS PROVEN VERY CLEARLY THAT SOLID PHYSICAL MATTER IS AN ILLUSION AND THAT ALL IS ENERGY ONLY. THEREFORE, TO SAY THAT THE SOLID PHYSICAL BRAIN IS THE MIND, IS A MISTAKE. While the brain appears to be solid, it is not – it is energy appearing solid, but is not solid – it is energy, only. The mind is also energy, an energy that interacts with the energy that creates the appearance of a brain.

The Physical Body is composed of the energy states of solids, liquids, and gases and is dependent upon the Etheric Body for its vitality, life, organization, and many processes that result in health. See an anatomy book for more details.

It has a total of 3 spatial dimensions. (See Understanding Spatial Dimensions)

How Awakened:
Through dynamic physical activity and intense physical sensory perception – painful and not painful (See Mechanism of Pleasure).


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