This approach takes the philosophy that everything is Good or Better rather than Bad or Good. Just as a flower bud, if given the right nurturance, blossoms into a beautiful flower; so it is with dis-ease, physical and psychological. Spiritual Energetic-Healing, -Psychotherapy, Etc. views all as energy in various stages of maturation. Using super-conscious abilities, patterns in need of maturation, which manifest as disease, are identified.  Then energy from the Sun (which is the local source of our existence and life on all levels) is infused into the pattern. The Sun’s maturing energy contains the personal and universal divine plan of optimal health, optimal happiness, and optimal consciousness. Thus your pattern quickly becomes one of benefit and the dis-ease or issue is resolved swiftly, typically in minutes.

In addition, innate within your energy matrix is the pattern of optimal psychological and physical health that your body and mind draw upon when enacting natural healing. In Spiritual Energetic-Healing, your innate pattern of optimal health is evoked and dynamically manifested in your body and mind. Healing can then occur immediately and rapidly in the way that is uniquely right for you.

With Spiritual Energetic-Healing, that which is preventing the physical body from automatically resuming a state of optimal health, is cleared. Also made available, is the insight you require to be free of psychological issues.

Rapid Spiritual Energetic-Healing is given over the phone, over the computer with video, or in person. Distance has no effect upon the rapid results typically obtained.

Since the body and mind are interconnected, whatever combination of services you need, Rapid Spiritual Energetic-Healing and/or Psychotherapy, will be given as is beneficial.

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