Steven, can you please tell us a little about what you do?

I help people to understand the hidden energy causes of conditions that they are challenged by, and, assist them in resolving those conditions, usually quickly.

People come to me with a full range of conditions. These range from minor to severe, physical and psychological issues. Some people come simply with a desire to grow. Often people come to me after they have been through the full range of modalities and nothing has worked for them. They need somebody to investigate and to discover something hidden that they haven’t found a solution for through other means. Discovering the hidden causes of conditions is one of my specialties.

I meet with people over the phone, over Skype on the computer, or in person. I work with most of my clients internationally. It’s actually very effective for me to work with people at a distance. When I’m outside a client’s energy field I can be very efficient in working with their energy.

The process I go through with people is this: First, they share with me what they need help with. Then, I’ll ask some questions and we’ll discuss it in more detail. Then, I will ask the client to relax for 5 to 10 minutes while I go into a super-conscious meditative state. This is a state where I experience everything as light. In this state of consciousness, where everything is light, I can see very clearly energy patterns on all levels within the person. This allows me to identify very quickly the underlying cause of their condition.

So, after about 5 or 10 minutes of investigation, I’ll come back and explain what I found. The underlying cause of an illness or issue is usually an energy pattern that has roots on subconscious psychological levels. After I identify what the pattern is, I explain it and how to resolve it. I help people to understand the cause as well as what is needed to resolve it.

After understanding the pattern, we can work on it as energy with energy. We also will usually employ some kind of process, during the session, that supports the energy work, some process that empowers the person to move to a new state of wellbeing.

I don’t view energy patterns as something that needs to be fixed. The pattern just needs to be matured. This is transcending a good/bad philosophy and looking at everything as good or better. Everything is in a state of evolution or growth or maturation. Using a flower, as an analogy, before it becomes a beautiful flower it looks like a bud and it just needs the right nourishment to blossom. Similar with energy patterns – they just need the right nourishing energy to mature into a healthy pattern. So almost all patterns, that are the root of issues or illnesses are simply in states of immaturity and they simply need the right nourishment to grow, to blossom, into healthy patterns.

What I have found is that the most powerful source of energy to help everything mature, to evolve, to blossom into a state of greater health and wellbeing, is the sun. If the sun went out we would all perish very quickly. It is the most powerful source of energy in our local universe. And just like the sun enlivens everything on a physical level and sustains our existence, the sun, as a mega-enlightened being, on a higher spiritual level emanates a kind of love energy that nourishes the evolution of everything and everyone unconditionally.

Through high states of meditation, I’ve mastered tapping into the love energy – that the solar being is emanating. I direct that energy, like a laser, into the pattern that is causing the issue or the illness. Upon doing that, the energy pattern that has been causing the illness or issue, receives the nourishment that it needs and thus blossoms into a healthy pattern. I’m not really healing anything. Instead, I’m providing nourishment to the person’s energy system. This assists the energy system in healing itself. Thus it automatically goes into its innate state of optimal health and wellbeing. It matures. It blossoms. The flower bud doesn’t need to be fixed or changed into anything. It just needs to be nourished into its full potential. So that’s what I do in my healing work.


Can you tell us please about the difference between healing on the physical level and healing on the psychological level?

 Well, everything is energy. We know this from contemporary science. The physical level is simply energy, even though it appears relatively solid. And, the physical level can be changed very quickly by working with it as energy. But, it is a lot easier to resolve psychological patterns because the patterns at that level are just more malleable. I really enjoy rapidly resolving massive amounts of psychological issues that people have been stuck with for years, or their entire lifetime.

I’ve been trained in the psychological field and I’ve never encountered any technique that works as quickly, thoroughly, and deeply as working with patterns from an energy perspective. I’ve had people come to me after trying to resolve issues for 20 years with a therapist and after all kinds of therapeutic modalities. And within one session the issue is gone. So this is really, truly, rapid energetic psychotherapy.


How do you work specifically with psychological issues?

The way I work with psychological issues is this: I have the person bring up the issue and then I get a more detailed sense of the energy patterns underlying the issue. Then I have them let go of it, as best they can, and refocus their attention on something beautiful or pleasant to look at in the room. Then I apply energies to resolve the patterns for about 5 or 10 minutes. And then I ask them to try to bring up the issue again. And almost always they say, “Well let’s see, um, I can bring up a little bit of it, but I can’t find the rest of it. It’s like it’s very distant or almost gone.” Then I say, “Ok, focus on what’s left.” Then I identify what’s left of the pattern, because typically there are layers. Then, once again, I have them let go of it, focus on something beautiful in the room and I work more on the patterns.

Usually the issue is gone in 2-4 passes. The client can’t find it. No matter how hard they try to bring up the issue they can’t find it in their mind. They feel neutral. And then later on they report back, “It’s amazing, I went through that experience or I heard that song that usually triggers that emotion” or whatever, “and it is flat, resolved, gone.” I usually suggest a follow up session to address any possible residue of the issue.

Sometimes in order to resolve an issue we need to engage the conscious mind in doing something. Examples are: forgiving someone in particular, or identifying a subconscious belief that needs to be recognized and let go of. Especially with clearing fears, there is usually a part of the personality that has fragmented off from the rest of the personality. A piece of the personality is stuck in that fear and therefore it becomes a continual source of the fear. So then, we do a process to reintegrate that part very quickly. And thus the fear clears out as that part reintegrates with the rest of the personality.

So, I do whatever is necessary to rapidly resolve the psychological issue. Sometimes it is simply a matter of applying the right energies and it’s gone. Other times it is applying the right energies and engaging with the person with some process like forgiveness or reintegration of a part. And it goes very quickly and it is one of my favorite things to do, to quickly liberate people from psychological patterns.


I imagine that when you liberate someone from the psychological pattern the physical body will have a shift as well.

Yes, psychological patterns are often accompanied by psychosomatic symptoms like sweating, or shaking, or tension. When I’m working on a psychological issue there is nearly always a physical relief that occurs as well.


And the other way?

Yes. When I am working on a physical issue there is almost always a psychological aspect to it. So we have to work on resolving the psychological aspect in order to help the body to change. The body is not going to change if that psychological issue is not resolved. So we resolve the psychological aspect first and usually the physical body will resolve along with it. Sometimes after the psychological aspect is resolved we focus on the physical level alone, providing it with the energetic nourishment it needs to quickly heal. It can be surprising how quickly the body heals itself when given the right energetic nourishment.


What happens if the pattern doesn’t mature?

If it doesn’t change then there is usually some conscious process that the person needs to go through. And since the energy I work with has the wellbeing of everyone and everything as its highest priority, it has a safeguard built into it such that it won’t take away anything the person needs for their evolution of consciousness.

So then, the process is discovering what is the growth in consciousness that the person needs. Maybe it is to forgive someone in particular, or to acknowledge their gifts in a particular way, or there is some insight that they need for the pattern to release into its full potential, a conscious revelation or experience or choice perhaps. Perhaps they need to make a conscious choice or decision about something. So that is an inherent part of the healing process. And most of the time it is easy to ascertain what that is and sometimes it is more complex and there is actually a timing to it. So it is not a guarantee that it will be immediate every time. But most of the time it works very rapidly, usually in minutes.


What are catalysts that might come from the client’s side for healing? Does a client have to believe in what you do?

No, they don’t have to believe in what I do. It is actually better to suspend belief. I call beliefs, “crystallized mental structures.” These types of structures inhibit ever new learning and growth. We don’t want to be crystallized mentally. We want to be open to seeing things anew and evolving our perspective, always.

Life can be hard. It can be challenging, especially with illnesses or issues that one has been struggling with for a very long time. We can feel victimized and we can feel disempowered. Ultimately, healing is coming into a new sense of personal well-being and internal harmony, personal strength.

The most important things I would say for a client to bring to a session is a desire for change to happen, for healing to occur, for well-being to manifest in their life, for their reality to change in a positive way.