The fifth Online Global Distant Energy Healing on Jan. 23th 2019 was a Super Success!! Join us for the next one soon! Join the next one by clicking HERE.

20 people were able to participate in and complete the approximately one hour online process. See the picture of Survey Results below.

Participants rated their issue on a scale of 0 = Resolved, 5 = Moderate, 10 = Severe.

There was an overall 53% reduction of the issues during the 1 hour group healing:


Here are more details on results for the 20 people that completed the online process.  4 people reported their issue at 0 (resolved) at the end. Almost everyone reported significant improvement during the online healing. Some reported profound transformation. Some issues were hard for people to quantify in a number system like this but in the comments usually said there was a big difference. Again there was an overall 53% reduction of issues for all participants who completed the online process.

Things people worked on included (edited to preserve privacy): 

Addiction. Injured right foot and grief and depression. She needs all negative energy around her LIFTED off of her. Finances re those that owe me money. Self loathing/depression. Release addictions. Release fear and create/manifest a beautiful, aligned living situation. Anxiety. Sore throat / going bigger and bolder in my work and messaging. Enlarged  prostate. Chronic dysregulation generally on my left side today not so bad but 2 days ago very uncomfortable. Feeling like something is wrong with me. Guilt/shame/self hatred re: allowing abundance. Parkinsons tremor. Releasing what is holding back my healing from brain injury. Gut inflammation etc. Digestive issues. Healing body from Lyme and Mono combo. Breast cancer. Alcohol Addiction.  Low available energy due to recovery from lyme & glandular fever.


Not everything can be healed in this way. But a lot can. Or at least improved during each event. (Your body and mind do the healing, while I provide the energy.)

Some of the comments from participants were (edited to preserve privacy):

“I was skeptical that the physical symptom could change so rapidly — and I am definitely blown away. And especially by the insights gained into its presence. Thank you so much <3”
“Thank you. I am at peace.”
“So I did this for my … and wow, I was able to channel who he needed to forgive and it was funny how this person directly corelates to the healing he needed. A lot of purging was done tonight on an energetic level for certain! I’d like to claim that all is resolved and healed at least on an energetic level. In time, I know that this healing will integrate into his physical body as well. Thank you so much for this!!”
“I feel I released a bit of fear and generated positive thought forms and energy.”
“Thank you for offering this to all of us Steven.”
“We are working on emotional/karmic issues and always feel significant shifts during these sessions. Thank you Steven!”
“…could feel the emotion and matrix I have been wrapped up in. My brain injury was presented to … heal.”
“I feel this was really powerful, i got in touch with some big anger, fear, terror etc from sexual abuse at a young age (that i have received a lot of healing on) my body is still holding onto some of this but so much was released in this process. my number is higher ( i think i started at 6 – its hard to gauge how my gut inflammation if its better) My gut and liver feel a bit more activated now by this process but it was same time super beneficial. i’d like to do more of these group healings with you.  I got some insight on why i carry extra weight. Little child is still angry, feeling terrorized, confused and insecure/unprotected. Thank you.”
“Too soon to tell whether or not there’s any physical relief.  Always a helpful exercise.  Thank you.”
“I’m feeling much better about having let go of a lot there.  I must have needed to work on more forgiveness because I did the 2nd prayer until 00:45 without realizing!  I feel much better in how I feel about this issue.  I feel benefits already and these will be more apparent in the days to come.  Thank you very much again Steven.”
“It’s hard to say exactly because I’m not drinking right now but I can say that at this time I don’t feel like drinking more so that is good. I did notice that this affected some other energetic problems I also deal with surrounding psychic and astral attack which was coming up a lot and also interfering in some ways I would say. Also noticed a lift in some very heavy pressure in my heart area and attention was brought to what I believe is an access point on the back of my neck.”
“I feel more confident and happy about life.  I feel i have released loads. There was quite some movement and releasing of tension from both shoulders. Especially the last assignment brought a lot of energy to me and identify with who i truly am and the amount of energy there is available to me, flowing through me and all the people and activities that make me happy,  my natural state.”


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