The 7th Online Global Distant Energy Healing on Feb. 20th 2019 was a Super Success!! Join us for the next one soon! Join the next one by clicking HERE.

27 people were able to participate in and complete the approximately one hour online process. See the picture of Survey Results below.

100% (all) of these 27 completing participants reported benefit.

Participants rated their issue on a scale of 0 = Resolved, 5 = Moderate, 10 = Severe.

5 people reported their issue at 0 (Resolved) at the end. 

There was an overall 62% reduction of the issues during the 1 hour group healing:


Here are more details on results for the 27 people that completed the online process.  100% of participants reported benefit. Some reported profound transformation. Some issues were hard for people to quantify in a number system like this but in the comments usually said there was a big difference. Again there was an overall 62% reduction of issues for all participants who completed the online process. And again, 5 people reported their issue at 0 (Resolved) at the end.

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Things people worked on included (edited to preserve privacy): 

  • Severe sensitivity
  • Heartache, anxiety, stuck energy at the bottom of my neck and in my heart
  • Restoring a harmonious romantic relationship with each other.
  • Flu/cold/achy body stress, overwhelmed. no enough space and time
  • Allowing the Goddess to shone through as me – removing blocks
  • Large floaters in eyes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Physical Healing, teeth, thyroid, kidneys , heart, muscles age related issues
  • Align and connect more fully with my higher self
  • PTSD Symptoms of Depression Anxiety
  • Obsession about food
  • Life Force Blocks
  • Parkinson’s disease, tremors, apathy
  • Focus and Grounding
  • Right knee
  • Energy blockades, moving on from a long term relationship
  • Feeling very stuck in emotions – anger and sadness
  • Lack of clarity confusion and despair about where to live
  • Less eye pressure
  • Daily worrying, social anxiety
  • Feeling helpless about helping …
  • Recurring headaches on left side of head related to block behind my heart
  • Spinal stenosis

Not everything can be healed in this way. But a lot can. Or at least improved during each event. (Your body and mind do the healing, while I provide the energy.)

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Some of the comments from participants at the end were (edited to preserve privacy):

“I just feel really good overall. I do feel like energy shifted in a continued positive direction and I’m confident that the effects of this healing session will continue to be felt in the days to come. ”
“I definitely think there has been a physical improvement.  I will know more tomorrow as the evening I am naturally tired.  Thank you. ”
“It made me think of people that I have to forgive, which was necessary ”
“I did a this for someone else. It was in the last section that there was a breakthrough to joy and freedom. Thank you so much!”
“I feel relaxed and optimistic.”
“Feeling alot better,..Forgiveness helped alot too”
“I  feel better.  Lots of insights and revelations. I am lighter”
“Doing very well thank you Steven!  ”
“I made true progress,  thank you for this healing. ”
“I feel settled in my body and mind. My experience of my life appears more integrated, with the feeling of positive excitement towards the future.”
“I feel a lot better than I have in a long time. More at ease; less ‘blocked’ and clogged.  Thank you very very much for holding the energy to allow this deep healing for me.  I deeply appreciate your help.”
“The exercises made me feel better. It opened up a way of looking at my issues differently. ”
“I definitely feel more grounded and focused.  I could really feel the energy during this meditation and I was a lot more assertive in the way of releasing “old identities” and with the “forgiveness” prayer.  It really felt good to focus on what it would feel like to be completely healed and happy.  Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this group healing!”
“Energized and excited, happy and a first for movement. It was hard to imagine and let go of the thought of pain in my right knee at first and then i reached it, i bend down now through it several times without pain, just a slight krack”
“Thankyou! ”
“They were great questions I hadn’t thought about especially the last one!  It is my Biggest Prayer to walk again normally. …  Well I will get better !”
“I feel calm and sleepy, old emotions came up and I hope I released them. thank you for this healing session. ”
“Hi Steven. I’m feeling much much better now. I found it very difficult to complete the first ID releasing; the ID/s were really strong and made me tired, confused and wanted me to quit the session!  I hung in there and was feeling much more energized by the 2nd forgiveness prayer.  I had a moment of sublime clarity during the new reality creation, it was beautiful.  I have more energy, more freedom, more connection, more prosperity, more presence, more joy, more happiness in my new reality.  Thank you so much, I really feel the healing energies streaming in these sessions.  Awesome!”
“I went through many layers of memories, images, feelings. Although my issue is not fully resolved, I feel there is movement, an opening to heal and transform. I feel more potential, more hope. Thank you. ”
“Never  in my life! – i forgave myself – thank you!”
“More relaxed, self acceptance, an impression of improved auditory processing ”
“Releasing negative picture of a future outcome allows me to be more present in the moment.  This allows me to give to the moment all the best that I am.”
“Thank you Steven!  Felt alot of energy shifting in my head. Pain pulsing, then clearing, then more sensation moving around head and left shoulder blade. At one point, I think in the identity process and strong shift happened in my head…hard to describe but like another dimension opened up. Also had some sadness and tears release during the forgiveness process. Layers of identity melting around ‘not good enough’, being alone, abandoned. Lots of heat right now. Feels like my third eye vision is trying to open. I appreciate what you are offering here … ”
“It was wonderful … I do feel strong and beautiful outside, yet the body battles with me constantly. …. In this session I had a good release of emotion once again about where it is all coming from, trying not to place blame and gaining more insight that it is not my fault. …Thanks again, I want you to know I do feel energy very strongly in these and other sessions I have experienced . …”


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