The 10th Online Global Distant Energy Healing on April 27th 2019 was a Super Success!! Join us for the next one soon! Join the next one by clicking HERE.

19 people were able to participate in and complete the approximately one hour online process. See the picture of Survey Results below.

100% of these 19 completing participants reported benefit.

Participants rated their issue on a scale of 0 = Resolved, 5 = Moderate, 10 = Severe.

1 person reported their issue at 0 (Resolved) at the end. 

There was an overall 55% reduction of the issues during the 1 hour group healing:


Here are more details on results for the 19 people that completed the online process.  100% of participants reported benefit. Some reported profound transformation. Some issues were hard for people to quantify in a number system like this but in the comments usually said there was a big difference. Again there was an overall 55% reduction of issues for participants who completed the online process. And again, 1 person reported their issue at 0 (Resolved) at the end.

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Things people worked on included (edited to preserve privacy): 

  • Emotional stress
  • Poor self esteem/worth
  • Right shoulder is very stiff
  • Energetic/Mental/Emotional trauma in the neck, particularly on the right-hand side, just under the jaw.
  • Emotional – relationship, stuck energies
  • Entity attachment
  • Clearing negative energy from toxic relationships
  • Self-pity
  • Effects of abandonment and oppression by father
  • Depressed that my reality does not meet my expectation of myself
  • Depression anxiety grief
  • Difficulty planned sleeping schedule
  • Dark demonic feelings
  • Holding myself back in success and progress
  • Releasing blockages to allow the flow of abundance
  • I would like me to open up to Divine flow allowing me to access my purpose and perfect expression of that purpose.

Not everything can be healed in this way. But a lot can. Or at least improved during each event. (Your body and mind do the healing, while I provide the energy.)

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Some of the comments from participants at the end were (edited to preserve privacy):

“Feeling much better, happier.”
“Thank you again Steven for offering your gifts to all of us.  Blessings.”
“It felt quite intense at times, lots of thoughts and emotions were released, also thoughts about what i need to do next, i feel good  and my energy has been refocused many thanks”
“Relaxed & alert”
“This was a great experience.  I have worked with Steven for many years in varying capacities and have always appreciated his gifts.  I feel that a lot of the pain and fear that I was experiencing at the beginning of the session has been dissolved.  I look forward to participating in other sessions.  Thanks Steven :)”
“Thank you Steven.”
“It’s amazing to see how my life is intertwined with so many people and past influences, and knowing that i can let them go”
“I’m not sure. Relaxed, a bit hazy. The energy-knot in my throat is still present, though less intense.”
“I love the addition of the videos Steven: Really great.  I had a number of insights relating to my grandparents worries about my future success whilst still unborn.  It was a very emotional release.  I cried a great deal and let an even greater deal go.  Thank you so much again, much love – THANKS!”
“I feel more space, myself expanding, more inner peace, more connected with energy flowing.”


Welcoming everyone to join us in future events. And PLEASE SHARE so others may benefit. Health and Happiness for all!
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