FAQ / Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

About the Online Group Healing


Do I need to be online, during the healing?

You need to register for the healing, if you haven’t already, by clicking HERE. After registering, an email will be sent to you with instructions for using an online form that facilitates your participation.


Can I focus the healing on someone else?

It will work best for direct participants. However, if for some reason someone you are caring for cannot participate directly, you may request healing for them. You will still use the online form but you will use it as if you are them, i.e. you will do it for them.


How many issues can I focus on healing?

It is best to focus on one issue, physical or emotional/mental, during the event. Since most issues are actually some combination of physical and emotional/mental symptoms, all levels of the one issue will be worked on, during the event.

There will be opportunities to work on other issues in future events.


How many free events are you doing?

The plan is to do all events with the options you can choose from of: Free, $10, $25, or $25 plus any donation tip that you would like. Everyone has a different ability to contribute and support this work, so all options will be available.


Why do you have the options to pay/donate for the healing events?

I have to pay my bills like everyone else. I have been providing healing services, as a professional for my living, for over 38 years.


Will my doubt or disbelief or skepticism interfere?

No. Just have an open mind and assume it will work, as best you can.


Why is the healing for 1 hour?

This allows deep healing and processing to occur.


What should I do after the event?

It can be good to drink extra water for 3 days, not all at once, just throughout the days. This helps to flush out physical toxins that may release, that were associated with the issue.


Do you want a testimonial?

I would love a testimonial on the Facebook page or emailed. This can help others to understand the value of this healing work and receive benefit also. Testimonials are not required.


What do you do with my information?

Your name and who is receiving the healing are held private and confidential. I may publicly show simplified and anonymous lists of what issues were worked on, as well as results, so that others can get an idea of the value and receive healing also. At the end of the online process, you have a choice as to whether or not your process is published as anonymous. Any publication of results of the events is always edited to preserve privacy.


What can I expect from this healing?

Not everything can be healed in this way. But many things can be or at least improved. If you don’t get a complete healing during the event, you may work on it again in future events.


Why do I have to do the online processes for best results?

I have found that the best and most permanent results occur when there is some kind of conscious processing that addresses the underlying subconscious causes or associated psychological patterns. In other words, some kind of growth in consciousness, helps the healing to occur and be more permanent.


Where does the healing come from? Is this part of a religion?

The healing energies primarily come from the spiritual level of the Sun, the most powerful source of energy in our local universe. The Sun provides light, energy, warmth, and healing to everything and everyone, unconditionally, on the earth every day. If the Sun were to go out, we would all vanish quickly. We are dependent on the Sun for our wellbeing. On a higher spiritual level, the Sun as a super-enlightened being, is constantly giving profound healing energies for all to receive. Energy Reality Healing uses the Sun’s healing energy in very precise and careful ways to facilitate rapid healing. Part of the healing will include clearing old stuck energies from your system that block healing. And nourishing energies from the Sun are provided so that your body and mind can heal themselves in the way that is perfect for you.

This healing work is beyond any human belief system. It works with the fundamental goodness of you and the universe.


Is this Reiki?

No. While the primary source of healing is simple, the use of the energies is highly complex. There are an infinite number of variations of energies used in this healing work.


What are you doing during the event?

I am in deep meditation, facilitating the healing for everyone participating.